Rosebud Longstem

Rosebud Longstem is the best gardener in Lalaloopsy Land when it comes to growing roses. She likes to look pretty. She'll always take a minute to check her hair and make sure she smells like a rose. Her name is based off of the beautiful rose flower, with its exceptionally long but thorny stem.

About RosebudEdit


Rosebud is fair skinned with pale pink cheeks and magenta, curly hair styled to look like roses. It is worn with a thin teal headband with large a pale pink rose attached to it.

She wears a light magenta, petal themed dress with teal leafy belt and sleeves. Her shoes are pale pink boots.


A magenta butterfly with black button eyes, with flower designs around them. It has blushing cheeks the same color as the rest of its body, and curly antennae. It wears a bow tie and has teal leaf wings, attached to its back with a button